The first high-performance invasive ventilator based on the automation of a manual resuscitation device

Accuracy and safety

A device for emergency ventilation and intensive care that allows to control and monitor the key parameters of ventilation.

It has been designed to work continuously and intensively. It has different ventilation modes, giving it great versatility to treat patients in different phases of invasive ventilation.

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Control by PLC SIEMENS with a very simple and intuitive interface for maximum security

Visualization of parameters and graphs in real time

RESPIRA has real-time measurement sensors for key parameters for respiration, respiration graphs.

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Security system

with alerts

The software incorporates an alert system that shows incidents or deviations in the breathing parameters on the screen of the device, it also has a loudspeaker that alerts of such incidents.

Different ventilation methods to treat patients in different phases of invasive ventilation


The company supports you onboard your RESPIRA

device experience to assure a success with its emergency ventilation solution.

We offer advanced services all around the world throughout the life cycle of your product. From technical service, spare parts and advanced online training to on-site consulting, machine set up, operation and maintenance of the device and other services in the digital field to enhance device availability and optimise medical operation.

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Two versions with different functionalities

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