Automation and monitoring of manual resuscitation bag (BVM o AMBU)

Automates and controls of manual resuscitation bag (BVM or AMBU) providing specific features and functionalities required by the medical industry. This device makes it possible to save patient’s life while controlling and monitoring crucial parameters to assist human breathing.

Heavy duty highly automated device

Easy and intuitive


Reading of tidal volume,

pressure and flow provided

to the patient remotely

Security control

with alarm system

Remote control up to

16 devices per control

through Wi-Fi

Portable device, does

not require installation

An ideal device to cover shortage of conventional automated medical ventilators on emergency situations, while ensuring remote patient monitoring.

SIEMENS PLC control with a simple and intuitive interface for maximum safety

Precise and safe tidal volume setting

RESPIRA consists of a mechanical compression system, using a linear electric guide controlled by a servomotor.


The device allows the use of AMBU just with atmospheric air as well as oxigen increased.

Smart mode

Additionally, RESPIRA uses a smart mode which automatically adjusts tidal volume and pressures within values previously defined.

Tidal volume control


This device adjusts the volume of air supplied to the patient (tidal volume) by controlling the actuator stroke which compress (AMBU) device.

Ratio I:E


RESPIRA allows to perfectly assist human breathing adjusting the times of expiration to get a desired ratio of inspiration/expiration. Expiration can be adjusted from 1 to 3 with steps of 0.5.



The system controls breath frequency between 10 to 30 rpm.

Parameter display in real time

- Insufflation Volume
- Inspiration and expiration pressure 

 (maximum, minimum and plateau)

- Oxygen supply via FiO2 sensor with

 independent display (optional)


Graphs display in real time

- Insufflation flow

- Inspiration and expiration pressure

- Insufflation volume





This device collects air flow, pressure and tidal volume from sensors to control the amounts delivered to patient, safety system and it does not require installation.

Volume and pressure sensor on each side for more comfort

Advanced mode available for sensor calibration

Built-in alert system shown in device screen prevents incidence or deviation on respirator parameters. It also incorporates a acoustic alarm system.

Safety Alarm System

- Maximum volume (adjustable)

- Minimum volume (adjustable)

- Maximum (PPI) pressure (adjustable)

- Minimum (PEEP) pressure (adjustable)

- Actuator error

- Breathing circuit disconnection

- Voltage drop

Up to 16 real time connected devices

Capable of controlling 16 connected RESPIRA devices from a single PC, and monitoring and controlling them in real time, it allows medical staff focus on other priority duties.

No pre-installed

data network required

Single ID and connectivity status

The device can be onsite and remotely operated. Remote control is supported by a connectivity module connected to RESPIRA.


This accessory includes its own Wi-Fi, transmitting all data directly to operator’s PC preventing collapse on facilities’ network.

Remote control and monitoring through Respira Access Point and Connectivity Module provided as accessories.

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