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We offer the maximum support to ensure the success of your device, worldwide and throughout its life cycle. From technical service, spare parts and advanced online training to on-site consulting, machine configuration, device operation and maintenance, and other services in the digital field to improve device availability and optimize medical operation.

Training & Consulting

The training we offer is specially designed by the Hospital Clínic and the academic director of the clinical simulation laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona , Dr. Josep M. Nicolás Arfelis .

Thanks to the collaboration with the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, also a developer of the device, we can offer complete product training and experience consulting to guarantee maximum safety and performance in a very short time. Medical staff will be able to use the device with brief training and access comprehensive online support for further advice.


Customer service

Our dedicated and experienced team of advice and installation support will be available for the commissioning and operation of the device. Instantly scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting reduce your device's downtime.


Video tutorials

We also offer brief explanatory videos of the operation of the device with the intention of facilitating the understanding and learning of this intuitive respirator, in Spanish and English subtitles, as a complement to the user manual that incorporates the product packaging inside.


24 Hour Clinical Care Service

For any medical emergency, fill out this form. We will get in touch shortly.

Contact us for any questions about how RESPIRA works

You can get in touch using the following form, previously identifying the problem with your device in the table provided in it, or by contacting .

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